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Quality & Performance

Returns/Cancellation Policy

To ensure that we can give you the widest possible choice of label and printing options all orders are manufactured specifically to your chosen combination of materials, label and sheet sizes. Therefore, we are unable to accept returns due to incorrect choice (including input errors) or cancelled orders and the onus is on the purchaser to ensure that the product chosen is correct for their end use.

Once you receive an order acknowledgement from us the order cannot be cancelled and the Returns policy (Section 10 of our Terms and Conditions of Sale) is deemed to be in force.

Orders are normally manufactured within 24 hours of receipt (unless otherwise informed) and if a purchaser becomes aware of an error during that time our manufacturing unit can be contacted directly by e-mail: quoting your order confirmation reference. If it is possible to stop the production of that item we will endeavour to do so and inform you as soon as is reasonably possible. We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee to cover any expenses incurred.

Products may only be returned to us with our prior agreement, at your expense, and according to our directions. You can contact us by e-mail if you need to discuss a potential return. Any products returned in contravention of this Section will not be the subject of any refunds or replacements and you will continue to be liable for payment of the price of such products.

Where you return products to us in accordance with the provisions of this Section, and in our reasonable opinion those products do not conform with the warranties set out in Section 9 of our Terms & Conditions of Sale, then you will be entitled to replacement products (where replacements are available) or, where we agree, a refund of the price paid in respect of those products (including all delivery charges).

To avoid the possibility of incorrect goods being ordered please take time to check that your order details are correct. If you are unsure of the item that you need please contact our technical department where our team of labelling experts will be happy to assist and to arrange samples for testing if required.
We are here to assist you.